– East South East 105° – 20.29 – Sunday, 26th of August –

/ August 21, 2018

Full Moon Rising – East South East 105°- At 20.29

On Sunday, 26th of August we will hike in Marathia – the south-western tip of Zakynthos.

Our circular hike starts outside of Keri village – a path through a valley, passing vineyards, vegetable patches and singing goats.  In a pine-scented forest we walk uphill and while the sun is setting we reach our full moon viewpoint. If the weather allows us we will see the moonrise and in the milkywhite moonlight we will get back to our starting point again.

good walking shoes, water (tea, juice,..), small snack, thin pullover; a torch is normally not necessary (if you don’t feel safe walking in the moonlight, take one with you)

Sunday, 26th of August
Meeting point 19.00 Keri Village (exact spot we will tell you in the next days!)
Distance/ time: about 2.5 hours / 6km
Grade: easy to medium, with an ascent of about 200m and corresponding descent