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Do you prefer to bike than hike? FόRα is offering 2 bike tours, in 2 different areas of Zakynthos

Biking with a group every Monday morning!


The first bike tour we chose for this year is located to the plain area of the island, enjoying also uphills and downhills. We start from the East side and we reach Vrahionas mountain. There, if we still feel relaxed, we can bike a bit up to the mountain to enjoy the view.

About in the middle of the route, we will make a stop to one small coffee house, where you find only local people!

The route is about 25 km long and is considered medium to difficult.


We provide the pick up for you and arrange the meeting time together!

This bike route is located up to the mountainous area of the island, which is still unspoiled. We start from Giri, a tiny village with old stone-houses, where less than 10 people are living permanently! From there we bike to a circular route, around 10 km (about 2 hours) which offers a great view to the plain area of Zakynthos. With a fine and clear weather we will see our neighbor island Kefalonia and the Peloponnese – the mainland of Greece. As the dust road is rocky and slippery, basic experience in mountain bike is necessary.

After our excursion we will relax with a cafe frappe or Greek coffee in the shady and cool Kafenio of the village – a typical place, decorated with old household goods and traditional elements.