Nature - Hiking - Experience / Fora Zakynthos

Full Moon:

See the moon rise and walk in its silver light.

Every month, at various places on the island. – For up-to-date information see our “NEWS” blog!

Easy to medium hike, 5 - 12km / 2,5 - 5 hours

This is already one of our classics. We start with sunset, see the moon rise and walk back in the silvery light. Every time a unique experience, every time different. Please note, that according to the weather, the appearance of the moon comes in different visibility. Headlamps are usually not necessary.

OVERNIGHT (on demand):

The magic of sleeping outside in nature. See the sun set, animals appear and let wilderness wake you in the morning.

Medium to easy walks / 7km first day – 3km second day

We start our hike in the afternoon, prepare the place for sleeping and enjoy a picnic under the open sky. Either sleeping under thousand stars or in a tent we will experience the Zakynthian wilderness. The morning comes with chirping an humming sounds and we go back to the village to have a delicious breakfast in a cosy and tiny Kafenio.

Please note, to bring your camping gear (mattress, sleeping bag, tent...). Headlamps are recommended. In case you need any camping stuff, just let us know and we will find it for you to lend it for a small amount. A picnic – cheese, bread, tomatoes, wine – is included.


Walking meditation with greeting the sun on top of Skopos.

Medium difficulty hike / 8 km / 4,5 hours

We start from Argassi and walk up a simple country lane. The streetlights disappear and our eyes get used to the darkness. In silence we wake up our senses and feel the ground under our feet. Twilight appears and we reach the last part with a little scrambling up to the peak of Skopos. Here we have free sight to see the sun rising above the mainland – and a good overview of the island. Down it goes accompanied with the sound of chirping birds.

Please note, walking in darkness is without headlamps. The path is easy to walk and your other senses will get a boost. ;-)

According to the weather, the appearance of the sun comes in different visibility.

HIKE N’ SEA (on demand):

Easy to medium walk, 4km / 2 hours

Trip with the boat: 1,5 hours

One of the best experiences ever!

After hiking, the body is warm, “open”, more alive. To swim after hiking, means the feeling is multiplied!

Hiking up to the mountain and reaching one spot right on the edge of a cliff, with excellent view to the blue sea, we climb down to the sea, accompanied only – if we are lucky – by the semi wild goats.

The landscape there is unique, as we can clearly imagine the great movements – mainly because of the earthquakes - of the southest tip of Zakynthos, Marathia peninsula.

Needing a bit of climbing skills, we reach the sea standing on a huge rock with coral fossils. There, in the middle of nowhere, we will board the boat and explore beautiful caves and Marathonissi island!