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As the date that the grapes need to be harvested, we will announce the date a few days before..! The sure thing is that it’s in the beginning of September

Three years in a row, we have been organizing the traditional grape hand-harvesting and pressing, as in the old times: with the feet!

Early in the morning, we gather together in Skoulikado, Spiro’s father birth – and grow up – place. The village and the farm is located in the center of Zakynthos, where we have Vrahionas mountain right beside us.

After we meet up, we take the necessary equipment – old clothes and shoes, knives, hats and baskets – and we jump into the vineyard!

Who is strong enough, can not only cut and put the grapes into the baskets, but can also carry them! We carry and gather them in “lino”, the place where we press them with bare feet! It is a must that everyone tries it, after – of course – washing the feet..!

Eating local, Zakynthian specialties and definitely drinking the wine of last year’s harvest, is the best way to let this special day come to an end.